Monday, September 20, 2010


So I was browsing around the other day/week and came across this lovely idea on Aunt Peaches. Want a brilliant idea! Right away I ran out to dollar tree to get some plastic cups. I did mine a little different then her and thought I'd share both styles with you.
On Aunt Peaches she used regular scissors to cut her cup into large pieces. I used scrap booking scissors that had a wavy blade. I also snipped mine to to smaller pieces and didn't punch as many holes in mine as she had done. Once they were in the oven mine did not melt as quickly as I had thought they would. I cranked up the heat and they turned to puddles. My husband pulled the tray out and told me, "Looks like we should have left them alone." I left them on the tray overnight and sulked about my own mistake.
Side note: Don't you hate it when you spend hours on a craft and the result is blah?
Two nights later I decided to sift through the mistakes to see if anything was salvageable. Surprise! I didn't think they were ruined any more! I began adding jump rings and the necklace just took shape. I really do love it.
My next plan is to try multiple colors. Don't you think purple and blue would look lovely mixed together? And maybe earrings? I also have a star punch I bought in a dollar bin. I'm going to see if it will punch through the plastic.
WARNING! Many plastics do release toxins when they melt so be careful and make sure you have windows open!

In other news, I have a give away coming up at my friend Emily's blog. She's a hip lady who knows how to save money. Check it out and save big!

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  1. Wow, I couldn't even tell that they used to be plastic cups! Really cute! I also like your idea of making matching earrings & trying multiple colors!! :)