Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scarflette How to

My Darlings!
I'm finally back. Whew! Don't ask me what I've been doing, I don't know. It just been one of those times when you never get a moment to rest. After Halloween, life became a blur of candy wrappers. Now I am back to crafting.
So this is what I saw on a lovely blog called I am Momma.

She brilliantly made her scarflette from an old sweater. Well, I didn't have a sweater to cut up, so I decided to make one from "scratch".
I fully admit that I am not a knitter. I've tried and tried, but I just don't have the skill or patience! So I lived in a world without knitting :(. Until... I found this:

This, my friends, is the Knifty Knitter! It changed my life. Close to five years ago I found this little wonder at a craft store. I can make hats and scarves in a short amount of time, and without counting! This is what I used to make my scarflette, if you knit or crochet, power to you.
The first step is to knit a 2- 2 1/2 ft long rectangle. On the knitter this is a tube. Now once that is done, finish the ends. I simply put the two ends together across each other and using the same yarn stitched the ends on three sides.

You want to leave the edge by your neck open, to make it easier to slip on and off. Lastly I simply attached big buttons. I love it!

I tried to sew on snaps so that the scarflette could be opened and closed, but it just wouldn't lay right. The knit stretches pretty easily to fit over my head and hair, so I don't mind it. I hope this tutorial was easy to understand and follow. Love you all bunches!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I'll be back to crafting this week! Let me share our Halloween costumes with you:

Thing 1 as Darth Vader/Annakin
He wanted to wear the helmet the whole time, but mother knows best. I would have ended up carrying it the whole time! He's trying to look menacing in the photo.

Thing 2 as Harry Potter
He wanted to carry a broom, wand, and sword (Chamber of Secrets). I don't think so.

Yours truly as Rosie the Riveter
The smudges on my face are supposed to be there. FYI, I would never have made it in the 50's. Pin curls are a real pain! I used an entire package of bobby pins to do my hair.
Now our house if full of candy and costume wreckage. How about yours? Did you dress up? I've got some new projects saved to share with you. By the way, is anyone interested in the how to for the tattoo necklace? I didn't get any comments so I'm not sure if I should post a tutorial or not. Thanks for reading!
Simply Riveting,