Tuesday, August 31, 2010


How can today seem so long and it's barely past? Both boys are home. We think Thing 2 may have pink eye (yuck). If that's the case I'd feel bad sending Thing 1 to school. So, I'm punishing myself. Constant fighting. (sigh)
In order to retreat from the real world, I began browsing the internet looking for inspiration. This is what I found:

I love this necklace! I wouldn't wear it that large, but I think I can make a smaller more realistic version.

I have had a long obsession with bows. There's something so feminine and charming about them.

Now this top, I'm not 100% sold on. I like the idea of it, more then the execution. The way the flowers on the shoulder are sort of organic and a natural part of the shirt is very appealing. We'll see if I come up with an idea to make it mine.
Oh! That's it for now, I hear Thing 2 crying and Thing 1 yelling "I didn't do anything!" I expect a thank you note from the other parents at school. I could have infected their children, but instead I took the bullet. You're welcome!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eco-friendly Felt Brooch Tutorial

Here we go:
Supplies; I sheet (your choice color) recycled felt, Tacky or other craft glue, stick pins, scissors, thin cardboard ( I used an old cereal box), hot glue gun, brooch back or safety pin, (optional - 3 or 4 inch square of green felt)
Time; roughly 2 hours

First step is to cut your felt in to three different sizes of petals.

I used 15-20 large petals, 12-15 medium petals, and 10 small petals. Try to make your cuts count on the felt, you don't want to run out! After all your petals are cut, trim a circle approximately 3 1/2 inches across. This circle will be the base to your flower. Time to glue! Taking your tacky glue, run a bead along the straight edge of the petal. Then fold the petal along the bottom, over lapping the sides. (see image, below). Then place your pin into the fold to hold the petal while the glue dries.

I stacked four to five petals on a pin while they dried. Continue gluing and folding until all of your petals are pinned. While the glue dries we move on to the back of the flower. Using your felt circle as a guide, cut another circle into the thin cardboard. Glue the felt circle to the cardboard circle using your tacky glue.

Now you can attach your brooch back to the unfelt side of the circle using hot glue. If you are using a safety pin, I recommend sewing it to a small strip of fabric and then hot gluing.Once that is complete we are ready to start adding pedals. I only remove the pins from the size petal I am working with to avoid mixups. Starting anywhere along the circle place a bead of hot glue approximately 1/4 inch in. Press your first large petal in at the base. Continue gluing and placing the large petals closely together around the circle.

Once all the large petals are set begin placing the medium petals in directly behind the base of the large petals. This is where you may discover you have more medium petals than you need, it varies on how closely you are putting them. After the medium, the small petals. I usually place the small petals in more of a spiral pattern than a circle. This, I believe, is more natural. After your petals have been glued, and the glue has cooled, wear with pride!

I'm in the process of trying to figure a smaller version to be worn as a hairclip. I think it would be lovely! Send me pictures of your finished brooches!

Monday, August 23, 2010


As most of you know, yesterday was my birthday. Notice, there is no exclamation point. Somewhere along twenty-six, I lost the urge to exclaim my birthday. Anyway, yesterday we had a small get together at my parents house to celebrate my birthday and my sisters, which is six days after. My wonderful mother-in-law happened to be able to visit from California this weekend too, so she joined us at my parents. I got to hold my newest nephew. Heavenly! And he smiled at me! He's only seven or eight weeks old, so it may be gas, but I'll take it as a genuine smile. My MIL gave me a gift card to spend on lovely goodies wherever I may choose, my darling hubby bought me a pair of earrings from Coco Loco at the Onion Tree. My sweet sis bought me some sweet pea lotion, bath gel, and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works. She knows I love their stuff but never can convince my three men to step in the store! Dad filled a cigar box with vintage jewelry goodies from the flea market. Mom ordered (by request) a pair those shoes that supposedly tone your calves and butt. You can expect updates on those! And my brother gave me, possibly the best gift ever! Look!

He did it himself! Pretty awesome, huh? Not a bad birthday, right? That's what I was thinking. Then we get in the car. She won't start. Frack! Just as we were about to give in to tears, my sisters new feller fixed it! Much happier. Until this afternoon when she quit again! Right as we are leaving to take my MIL to the airport. Perfect. Thank goodness my super neighbor was home and more than willing to take her to the airport while we continued to fight the car. And double thanks to my mom for being able to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 from school! Why do cars have to do this? Just when you start to get ahead, WHAM! My sis's feller says it may be the alternator. Here's hoping whatever it is, is cheap. Thanks for listening to my grief!
I'm wearing my new earrings, I smell like sweet pea, and Bob Dylan is already hung on the wall. Next year I won't remember the car trouble, just the smile of my nephew, kisses and love from my family, and feeling blessed!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tutorial is in the works...

The first of hopefully many...

Ta-da! After much procrastinating, I am blogging. I know, I took way longer then necessary and this post is way shorter than you deserve. My two boys (referred to as Thing 1 and Thing 2) are finally back to school! I love them, but more so when I don't see them all day everyday. As a result of them being out of the house, I plan to craft and blog for you sweet reader, maybe a little for me too! Tell your friends, family and enemies to get ready to read!