Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Button Purse Tutorial

Sweetest Readers,
Sorry it's been so long! Like much of the midwest snow has cramped my style. I've been occupied with having Thing 1 and 2 home from school. Snow days used to be so great. Now...well, it's great sleeping in, but by 1 PM I'm tired of yelling, "Leave your brother alone!" and "One more time and there'll be trouble!" You understand.
I did get some work on Valentines done. Remember the felt valentine I posted here? I wanted so badly to make them, but knew I wouldn't have time. I decided to make them with construction paper with the Things. Here's how they turned out.

Not bad. I only had them make them for their teachers and the secretary. Oh, and the lunch lady. My mother was a lunch lady for 13 years, so I always try to include gifts for them during holidays. Please, remember your lunch help, they are among the list of under-appreciated!

On to the tutorial! Start with a simple clutch purse. Mine cost me 25 cents at the thrift store. Make sure your clutch has a clean flat surface. Start gathering buttons. Since mine was tan, I went with browns for my buttons. Once you feel you've got enough, gather more! Trust me, I had to search several times to find enough that matched.
Next, decide what kind of pattern you want on your purse. I've done all sorts. The one I did was with stripes, so that's what this tutorial will show. Be creative! I used a washable marker and a ruler and made stripes going diagonally across the purse.

I free handed the space between my lines, but you might measure if this concerns you. Now, start laying out your buttons on the clutch. I used various sizes of buttons. This is how my looked.

I had to do a lot of switching around to make my buttons look just right. I'm sure I could have done this without making the stripes with identical buttons, but I had enough to, so I did :)
Once you've got the buttons how you like them, transfer them in to piles next to the purse, careful not to mix them up! Grab your E6000 adhesive and start gluing. I have tried this with hot glue as well, and it's just not as clean. Once your buttons are attached, let it set. Simply wash off the marker and your ready to carry this lovely around!
Oh, make sure your marker comes off. I used a crayola washable marker, and it *ahem* wouldn't wash off. I was very peeved. I used, dish soap, hand soap, Windex and some cleaning spray called Awesome. Nothing worked! Just when I had given up hope...I tried something totally out of the box, TOOTHPASTE! It took the marker right off! I don't recommend this for a cloth purse, but on the leather it worked a miracle. Pretty cool, huh?
I hope you enjoyed this how-to. It's a simple craft with stunning results. Happy crafting!

P.S. Here's another purse I made using white and pearlized buttons. I always get compliments when I carry it!