Thursday, March 10, 2011

Felt Flower Hairclip

Hello Darlings!

Sorry I've been gone so long, again. Between a six day visit from my in laws and having an new heater/air conditioner installed, well life's been busy. Now that things are finally settling down I plan to get some much needed crafting and blogging done. Thanks for your patience!

Today's tutorial is for this lovely spring flower hair clip. The weather has finally started to warm up and I'm thinking on all things spring. This clip looks much more complicated than it actually is, lucky you!

*Sorry for the picture quality, forgot to charge up my good camera*

First thing, gather your materials: A sheet of felt, I use regular eco felt most of the time, but decided to try the stiffened felt this time ( I like to finished look of the stiffened, but it's a pain to work with), you need a needle and thread the same color as your felt, scissors, a spring back clip, and hot glue or E6000.

After you've gathered your supplies you need to draw three size petals for a pattern or print off mine here. I cut five of the largest, four of the medium and three of the smallest.

Once all the petals are cut, take one of your largest petals and sew a running stitch across it, mine is usually just two stitches. Continue stringing on the remaining large petals like so.

Now pull your thread tight and "shape" the petals as you do so they gather in the right places. Either tie your two ends together or make a connecting stitch and tie it off. The finished should look like this.

Complete the remaining petals in the same fashion.

All that's left is to glue them together largest to smallest. Use pins if necessary to hold while the glue cools/dries. Once that's done flip it over and attach the spring back clip using the petals to hide it.

Done! If you want you can add leaves to the back or use a bigger clip and attach two flowers. I hope you enjoyed the how to, see you next time!

Loving Life,