Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here comes Valentine!

Crafty Readers,
So, we have had two snow days in row here. Two! I've been wrangling Thing 1 and Thing 2 for two days trapped inside. We've played Legos, Play Doh, and admittedly watched way too much Scooby Doo. Speaking of Scooby Doo, I loved him since childhood. As an adult I still watched the episodes on Cartoon Network. But now, thanks to my children, he's really getting on my nerves! Funny how sharing something with your kids can somehow ruin it. Anyway... I did find a lovely idea over on I am Momma hear me roar. She showed adorable pictures of her son snow coloring. Simply putting water and small drops of food coloring in squirt guns occupied my kids for an hour out in the snow. Lots of fun!
While I've been home bound with kids, its been hard to craft during the day as per usual. I have found time to peruse the internet looking at others craftiness. I thought I'd share some lovely Valentine's Day crafts with you. Maybe you can find time to make them!
Look at this adorable fox!

I love him. The tutorial to make him is here. It looks super simple too!

Check out this sweet bracelet. I think it would make a fantastic brooch too.

She has a cute blog you should visit. The tutorial is here and very easy to follow. Now if only I could embroider.

This is a fantastic idea! I will probably never do it, but I love it! Isn't it just precious?

This was her first time printing on icing, so the tutorial is very easy to follow. If your printer can print on icing you must do this!

The last one I may find the time to try. Look how charming it is! Who can I give it to? Maybe my husband. That way I can hang it in the bedroom for me too. :)

Another easy tutorial. And BONUS! Templates! I love when I get to skip the frustration of drawing. I swear it takes me way too long to draw something.

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  1. Thanks for linking. =) Such great projects for Valentine's Day...I really love the little fox, so cute! Have a great weekend!