Sunday, January 9, 2011

T-shirt Scarf Tutorial Revisited

Hey Readers,
I promised you an addition to the scarf I made and her it is! We are going to start at Step 3, only this time we are cutting all the way to the end. This leaves you roughly fourteen long loops. Now, pick up a loop and begin winding it around your hand like so:

You don't want to wrap too tightly or too many times. This will effect how long your scarf turns out. So, I did six times. Now, slide these loops off your hand and leave them in a neat pile.

Continue winding all fourteen or so of your loops. Once you've got them all done it's time to join them. Using some of your left over t-shirt fabric, cut 3" by 1" strips. Grab two of your loop stacks and tie them together using this small strip.

Continue doing this until all of your loops are connected. Voila! All done and a new spin on the scarf. This look is definitely more deconstructed and edgy. I like both, but this one is more fashion forward. Hope this gave you some ideas on how to add a new twist to the previous tutorial.
As always I love to read your comments and see your projects. Be sure and email me any work you've done using my tutorials!
Sew Happy,

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