Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Measuring Tape Hairbow How-to!

Dear Readers,
So, the other day I was in the local flea market and came across some cloth measuring tape. Zing the idea came to me! Sometimes it happens that fast. What an adorable hair bow this would make. Can I do it? Of course. Here's the finished look;

To make this delight all you need is cloth measuring tape, atleast 7", fray check, glue, scissors, and a bobby pin (needle and thread is optional).

Start by getting all of those pesky creases out of the measuring tape. You can iron them out, or if you're impatient like me, I used wrinkle releaser. Once smooth, measure out six inches of the tape. Now, run a bead of the fray check along all the edges and let dry also check the extra inch. Next, loop the tape and glue the ends together like so;

After the glue has dried pinch the loop together in the middle to make a bow shape. Sorry, no picture :( Mainly, you want to get it creasing in the right places. Now pick up your extra inch of tape. Wrap it around the middle of your bow, tightly, and glue.

This is where you have the option of sewing. You can sew these ends together for a more stable bow. It all depends on your glue strength. Once all glued/sewn, trim off the excess and insert the bobby pin.

Ta-da! Ready and fabulous! These are so easy and quick to make, I love them. Enjoy!

Measuring with Love,



  1. That is so cute!! Thanks for sharing - I definitely want to make one now!

  2. This is such a cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks very pretty but one would need loads of attitude to carry it off well