Tuesday, August 31, 2010


How can today seem so long and it's barely past? Both boys are home. We think Thing 2 may have pink eye (yuck). If that's the case I'd feel bad sending Thing 1 to school. So, I'm punishing myself. Constant fighting. (sigh)
In order to retreat from the real world, I began browsing the internet looking for inspiration. This is what I found:

I love this necklace! I wouldn't wear it that large, but I think I can make a smaller more realistic version.

I have had a long obsession with bows. There's something so feminine and charming about them.

Now this top, I'm not 100% sold on. I like the idea of it, more then the execution. The way the flowers on the shoulder are sort of organic and a natural part of the shirt is very appealing. We'll see if I come up with an idea to make it mine.
Oh! That's it for now, I hear Thing 2 crying and Thing 1 yelling "I didn't do anything!" I expect a thank you note from the other parents at school. I could have infected their children, but instead I took the bullet. You're welcome!

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