Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The first of hopefully many...

Ta-da! After much procrastinating, I am blogging. I know, I took way longer then necessary and this post is way shorter than you deserve. My two boys (referred to as Thing 1 and Thing 2) are finally back to school! I love them, but more so when I don't see them all day everyday. As a result of them being out of the house, I plan to craft and blog for you sweet reader, maybe a little for me too! Tell your friends, family and enemies to get ready to read!

1 comment:

  1. Bring on the Sunshine with the rain, don't forget all the goodies in between! I have all intentions to follow your blog of inner thoughts and workings as if I was still by your side as I once was. I'm here to offer advice and laugh at your funny jokes along with all the other stuff best friends do from afar!

    Be sure to tell us all about the new adventures of the "Things" and the new stories they create!

    Miss you all-- Happy Blogging