Monday, August 23, 2010


As most of you know, yesterday was my birthday. Notice, there is no exclamation point. Somewhere along twenty-six, I lost the urge to exclaim my birthday. Anyway, yesterday we had a small get together at my parents house to celebrate my birthday and my sisters, which is six days after. My wonderful mother-in-law happened to be able to visit from California this weekend too, so she joined us at my parents. I got to hold my newest nephew. Heavenly! And he smiled at me! He's only seven or eight weeks old, so it may be gas, but I'll take it as a genuine smile. My MIL gave me a gift card to spend on lovely goodies wherever I may choose, my darling hubby bought me a pair of earrings from Coco Loco at the Onion Tree. My sweet sis bought me some sweet pea lotion, bath gel, and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works. She knows I love their stuff but never can convince my three men to step in the store! Dad filled a cigar box with vintage jewelry goodies from the flea market. Mom ordered (by request) a pair those shoes that supposedly tone your calves and butt. You can expect updates on those! And my brother gave me, possibly the best gift ever! Look!

He did it himself! Pretty awesome, huh? Not a bad birthday, right? That's what I was thinking. Then we get in the car. She won't start. Frack! Just as we were about to give in to tears, my sisters new feller fixed it! Much happier. Until this afternoon when she quit again! Right as we are leaving to take my MIL to the airport. Perfect. Thank goodness my super neighbor was home and more than willing to take her to the airport while we continued to fight the car. And double thanks to my mom for being able to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 from school! Why do cars have to do this? Just when you start to get ahead, WHAM! My sis's feller says it may be the alternator. Here's hoping whatever it is, is cheap. Thanks for listening to my grief!
I'm wearing my new earrings, I smell like sweet pea, and Bob Dylan is already hung on the wall. Next year I won't remember the car trouble, just the smile of my nephew, kisses and love from my family, and feeling blessed!


  1. Happy late birthday! Great gifts =)

  2. Nice drawering, E! Happy belated birthday, my dear cousin!