Thursday, September 23, 2010

Earring Organizing

My Readers,
If your anything like me, you are constantly in need of organizing. Everything from the garage, to the refrigerator, to my jewelry box. I've decided to start with the simplest and least messy. The jewelry box.
I have a lot of jewelry. I admit it. One of the messiest items is dangling earrings. I can never keep them paired up and they seem to constantly get tangled. I've found a simple and stylish solution. Interested? You know you are. Here you go:
Start by getting your supplies together. We need an empty frame with no glass. The size depends on how many pairs of earrings you have (or plan to have). I happened to have a plain black 8x10 that wasn't being used. Dollar stores sell all different kinds if you want something more ornate. The other item you need is plastic canvas. It looks like this;

Most likely you've seen it but never used it. I picked mine up at a craft store, but I've seen it at Walmart too. It comes in various sizes and color, choose what works best for you. The only other supplies you need are fishing line (or other strong clear line) and scissors.
First step is to cut your canvas to fit your frame. After you do that it's time to affix the two. I cut four inch lengths of fishing line. I think I used eight of them. Place your canvas in the frame and simply thread the fishing line through your canvas and tie the ends together around your frame.

Sorry about the photo. By nature, fishing line is hard to capture. I tied the line
twice on each side. Trim off the excess line and your earrings are ready to hang! That's it!

I also added some large jump rings in places so that I could attach my hoop earrings
too. I hope this gives you some relief of life's clutter! Thanks as always for reading!


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