Tuesday, September 28, 2010

$1 Craft!

That's right, just a dollar. Yesterday I was in one of my favorite parts of Target, the dollar aisles! I came across this bag of silk leaves.

Don't ask me where there are leaves that purple. I did however love the red and orange leaves. Those were worth the dollar price tag. SOLD.
First step is to find a hair clip or headband you can use to attach the leaves to. Mine is a four inch hair clip. I know, its huge, I have thick hair so I was thrilled to find a clip that could hold my hair.

Next, grab your craft glue/hot glue and attach some leaves. What do you think?

If you pick up your own bag of dollar leaves I'd love to see what you come up with. I'm getting in the fall mood, finally. This is the first week in Kansas we haven't been up to 90. Now I've got the Halloween Fever. I love costumes and only need a small excuse to be in one. It's rubbing off on Things 1 and 2. I'm proud and worried at the same time. My sewing skills leave a lot to be desired and they constantly come up with ideas for dressing up.
I hope you enjoy this small autumn craft! Don't forget to sign up for my give away over at Live Large 4 Less! It is running until Friday, hurry!

Love and apple pie,


  1. love the price and the fall theme! and yes, that is a cute hairclip. thanks for sharing the inspiration! xoxo

  2. Thanks for following! I got giddy seeing the more button on my followers!