Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

Darling Reader,
Time to do some online research. What is this horrible compulsion I have with buttons. I constantly buy them, I already have an obscene amount. I spend hours pouring through them. This strange euphoria pours over me when I see a basket, jar, or bowl full of buttons. Does anyone else suffer from this affliction? I say suffer, but I'm not suffering. I love buttons. On a shirt or a sweater they are invisible to me. But once the thread is snipped, ohhh, so pretty!

I can honestly say I never buy brand new buttons. Only the used and discarded
ones for me! I have found so many uses for buttons over the last few years. Rarely, if
every have I used them for their original use. Here are a couple examples of uses I found.

I have been putting buttons on headbands since I first started making jewelry. Its such
a simple craft to do. Take a dollar store headband and hot glue or heavy duty craft glue.
Done! The hardest part is letting the glue dry before trying it on! I've done them in all
matching buttons like the above. I've done shades of ivory, all miss matched, the
possibilities are endless. See why I love buttons?

On to purses! These lovelies I have done several times. Hot glue is usually best. I
look at thrift stores for flat back clutches. Usually these are less then $5.00! Wipe it
down with soapy water and glue away. Tell me this isn't an awesome update to
existing clutches.
Oh buttons, I love you. I even have favorite buttons I've hung onto. Shhh, don't tell
the other buttons.

These sweethearts belonged to my great grandmother, Baba. They are so precious
I can't decide when or how to use them. They sit in a box and I take them out and
hold them. I look at them, smile over them, then decide they are too wonderful to use.
Kinda sad, I know.
When I get a new batch of buttons, I pour them out. Just like my boys do with Legos.
I run my fingers through them looking for the most unique. Sometimes its a giant one
that I laugh at the idea of it being on a coat. Other times, I find the smallest button that
must have been on a sweet baby sweater.
I'm not sure if I am alone in this obsession, but frankly, I don't mind. My husband
doesn't mind, it's not like they take up lots of room! They make me happy. Sometimes
all it takes is one button to inspire an entire string of ideas and crafts.
Dear Reader, thank you for reading about my button collecting. It's a secret for us
to share. People who see me can't tell that I love buttons, or that I have a shoebox
full of them. It's my joy and I hope you have one too!

Lots of Love and of course, buttons,


  1. I love buttons, too!! When my grandmother passed away I inherited all of her sewing stuff and she was a believer of always keeping every single button (you never know when you might need just that one blue button, right)and with all of her things I also inherited her love for buttons! I have special one as well! So funny!!

  2. I suffer this same affliction, not really opposed to it. I welcome it as well. Buttons TOTALLY inspire me as well. Keep up the great work and go ahead and run those fingers through those colorful piles....actually I think I'd better go get mine out RIGHT NOW:)

  3. It's nice to know there are other button lovers out there!