Monday, October 11, 2010

My Weekend

So busy this weekend! And I wasn't even working. We are planning a move at the end of the month so I should be packing constantly, right? Well...I'm trying to finish about 20 craft projects before the move. I'm positive that I'll loose my momentum if I pack these crafts. Are you like me? Do you have several half-finished projects around your home? Here's a few I finished this weekend at least!

Freezer Paper Stencil Throw Pillow
Do you know about freezer paper stenciling? I figured I was the last to hear about this. I started doing stencils like this almost a year ago. I found the octopus online. I love it!

Felt Pillow Brooches
This is a new craft I'm toying with. My friend Chrissy over at Chrissy in America did a version for her daughters girl scout troop and I was inspired. I decided to try them with some stuffing for more dimension. I think they'll be cute on a purse or scarf.

Over the Elbow Gloves
So this is a season craft I decided to pick up again now that the weather is getting cooler. These are simply adorable socks I've cut the feet off and attached to gloves. Perfect for those 3/4 length sleeve coats. I usually make and sell these over the winter.
Felt Flower Brooch
I saw a tutorial on I am Momma for these blooms as a belt and decided to try my hand at it. I'm thinking brooch instead.

School Uniform Hair Accessories
I made these to sell to the girls at my boys school. The handbook says they must wear only school colored accessories. Not sure if they'll sell, but figured it was a different demographic so why not?

Pretty busy right? No packing, but lots of creating. Did you make anything this weekend?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Margo, thanks for mentioning my blog! I feel honored!! (big smile on my face) Your brooches are so cute! I wanted to stuff them, too, but Leonie didn't agree with me! I will definitely try that now though! Thanks!!

  2. Great projects!!
    I love your blog!!
    I am your newest follower!!