Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Project

I have been browsing projects online most of the week and I've noticed a disturbing trend. More and more projects seem to involve destroying books! Does this bother anyone else? I was raised in a house where books where cherished. Reading is a favorite pastime for me.I remember being scolded several times on how I treated my books as a child. My dad didn't like books stacked on their sides even. And if you lain an open book face down....Wow! "You're breaking the spine!" To this day I cannot put a book down that way. And if I see one, I find a scrap of paper to bookmark the readers page.
These projects I see, involve drilling through books, breaking the spines, tearing the pages, and more. I can't do it. Even a book from a thrift store is still sacred. In these times of online everything, maybe people don't feel the same about books.
I frequent our public library on a weekly basis. Perhaps the fact that I am used to sharing my books with the city has given me a different perspective on book care. Since I am just borrowing the book I treat it as thus. I hope others take the same consideration.
Sorry, if this is preachy. I am aware that I have an extreme reverence for books. I have never put a readable book in the trash. I hope I never do. I can see the beauty and art in taking an unused item and changing it into something usable. But I can't do it with books. When is a book not a book? It's still usable.
Please, readers, find me a craft to use up my magazines! I have no feelings for them. Or the countless half filled coloring books littering my home! But let me read my books.
Do your part! Save a book!
Thanks for reading! No more preaching for a while, crafting has resumed.

Curling up with a book,


  1. Weeelll, I have to say that I don't feel too guilty about crafting with the one of the 10,000,000,000.... Reader's Digest condensed books that you find everywhere for like 25 cents. But otherwise, I agree with you! I haven't actually torn up very many, but I love them laying around holding up candle holders and stuff. LOL I have read the posts on your blog and I LOVE your ideas! I'm looking forward to more from you! I came over here after clicking on those adorable owl clippies. I'm off to make one now!

  2. I love books, too! We love going to the library every week! We cannot get enough of books! Our house is full of them! And the books we don't read anymore go to friends or book donations or Goodwill or somewhere someone can still read them!
    Got your (my) necklace today! Yay, love it! Leonie does, too!! Thanks you so much and thanks for the kind words and thoughtful printed address labels!

  3. Margo - here I am tagging you with the Happy 101 Blog Award! You can copy & paste the image from my current post! Hope you have fun with it!

  4. You're right - it's tantamount to sacrilege to hurt or harm a book in my home! Again, I'm glad there's someone else that's weird about the stuff I am too. I've really enjoyed perusing your blog tonight and I can't wait to read some more.