Monday, June 25, 2012

Where did she go?

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My guess is that's what you are all wondering. I know. Bad blogger. You know who I blame. Pinterest. And TV. And kids. And life. And possibly me. Forgive me? How about a tutorial to smooth things over?

Let's make some cheap and lovely earrings!  These are very, very easy to make. They make excellent gifts and you can make them in any colors you want. Ready to start?


Wooden shapes- craft stores sell many different kinds, some with holes some without
Earwires and jump rings
Acrylic paint, or even nail polish works too!
Painters or masking tape
A liquid resin- I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (very simple to use)

First things first, if you bought the wooden shapes without holes. Drill some. I'd suggest doing many at once. Trust me, you'll be making lots of these once you start. :)

Next start taping off where you want to paint your first color. I did some with multiple colors and some just half colored. Depending how skilled a painter you are, you can just draw lines and follow them.

I also used stamps on dried paint which looked lovely also. I don't have pictures of the steps where I added the resin. Its very simple with the Dimensional magic. Cover a sheet pan with foil and place your pendants on the foil, this protects from any spilling. Make sure the paint is dry and then make a border with the medium, using the filling technique for icing cookies. I use a stick pin to pop any bubbles that appear. Don't worry about the holes for jump rings. You can easily poke through the resin after it has dried. Follow the directions for drying/setting time. I like to cover mine with a shoe box to keep stray dust or pet dander from landing in my work!

Once its all dry slip your jump rings in and add earwires or a chain and wear you art! Did I tell you it was easy!? Here's some photos of my finished masterpieces! To see more of what I make, follow me on Facebook and Pinterest!

Thanks for your patience and loyalty!

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