Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Haunting!
Its almost my favorite holiday again! Saturday was my aunt and uncle's annual Halloween Bash! I really do love it. Its such a great time. The best part is that it is fun for kids and adults. Costumes are encouraged/enforced for grown ups. My kind of party!! There is a spook walk, kid friendly, and a hay rack ride, chili, desserts, and a rousing game of hide and seek in the dark. Jealous? Here's some photos of my family's costumes this year

Dark Spiderman/ Thing 2

Darth Revan(Star Wars villain)/ Thing 1
Rocky the Flying Squirrel/ Yours truly
Rocky and Bullwinkle/ Myself and my husband Ty
Not bad, huh? We have such fun with our costumes.We try to always make as much as we can. The goggles are the only part I didn't make and they were free from a coworker of my husband. He made his antlers and bought the hat at the dollar store! I wish I had taken pictures of all of the other relatives and friends that were there. If they email me any I'll be sure to post them! What was your favorite Halloween costume? Have a safe and sugar filled Halloween!!

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