Sunday, September 18, 2011

Squeaky Clean Now!

Two posts in two days! Shocking isn't it? I feel so relieved after today. I love my sister and my cousin but no more double showers! Lots of work. Lots of time. Lots of money. It turned out lovely and everyone had a good time. That's the important part. I felt stressed early on, but even I got to relax and talk with family and friends.

Here's a close up of the bunting I made using some scrapbook paper. I used my Cricut and cut onesie shapes. We strung them on clothesline and hung them using miniature clothespin from a craft store. They were relatively cheap and cute to decorate the cake and gift table.

The guests of honor! Aren't they precious? No clue of the sleepless nights and dirty diapers they are in for!

She's going to eat the whole cake! Can you tell who my sister is? What a ham! It was a yummy cake, half strawberry, half vanilla.

Instead of games,(I never like shower games) we decorated onesies for the girls. This was a lot of work for me! Gathering up the onesies, paints, iron ons, brushes, etc. Not to mention one baby is a girl and the other a boy! But it turned out great! People had lots of fun doing it too! We set up three stations for people to decorate when and how they wanted.

We also made sure to get onesies through the first year. That way the babies have hand decorated onesies the whole year through. It's really sweet. I'm glad we did it.

Here is a shot of the table full of finished works! Lovely!

And here is a picture of one of my finished onesies. This one has special meaning. For my cousin, I drew the tree with fabric markers. Then I had her mother and sisters dip their fingers in paint and leave fingerprint leaves. I know, awww.

That's all for now, my lovelies! Tomorrow I will post pictures of my handmade gifts for the shower. And possibly a tutorial this week!

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