Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T-shirt scarf Necklace! Oh Yeah!

Hello Beautiful!
Remember the tutorial I showed you on T-shirt scarves here. Well, these 100+ degree temps haven't been scarf friendly. How about we swap them for necklaces instead? I thought you'd like that!
If you have a scarf already finished simply snip off four loops of the scarf. Fold them and half and cut three so you have six equal pieces of jersey. If you are starting with a untouched T-shirt, lay it flat and cut off the bottom hem. Now cut four more loops from the bottom of the shirt. Cut through three loops so you have six equal pieces of T-shirt. I hope that made sense.
Gather six ends together and stitch them together as so.
I doesn't need to be pretty just, secure. Time for beads. You can use wooden beads, glass, beads, or pony beads. I found some cute plastic star beads I had stashed away. Unfortunately they were hideously colored. Spray paint to the rescue! After painting them a soft gray(because that's what I had) I strung them on the T-shirt strands in a semi-organized fashion. Mainly, I made sure that each strand had a decent number. Once that was done I sewed together the other ends.
Now take your spare loop that you cut. Snip it in to three equal strands and sew these together at the end. Braid them.

The length of the braid depends on where you want your necklace to fall. I made my braid long enough so that the necklace could slip over my head. Measure and decide how long is long enough. When you get there, sew the ends together and trim off the excess. Save these scraps!
Sew your braid to your beaded strands. Once again, security over beauty, we are going to cover this up.

Let's cover it up fast! Remember those scraps I told you to save? This is why. Wrap them around the joint of our two pieces. I wrapped over my beginning and then stitched the end down.

So far nothing has come undone. Do the same with the other side, and wear with gusto. Bask in the compliments!

Here is one I made with wood beads too!

Keep Crafting!

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  1. It is unique jewelry and it was beautiful and elegant.