Monday, December 13, 2010

Six Crafty Gifts in Five Days!

Now that I am on the road to recovery, I've got a lot of crafting to make up. Every year at my children's school they put on an "Angel Store". This is a chance for the kids to buy gifts for their parents, siblings and so on. The school asks that each family send in six handmade gifts for the store. The items are all put together to form the shop. Then the kids purchase items for low amounts. Nothing is priced over $5.00. Pretty neat, right?
As you've noticed, I've been sick. Well, guess what? The six items are due on Friday! How many do I have made? You guessed it....NONE! Time to roll up my sleeves and get these made. I'm going to share them with you as I complete them. Ready?

Craft 1 Sleeping Mask

Here's what we need:
- 2 12x6 scraps of fabric (can be same color)
- 10inches elastic
- needle and thread/ sewing machine
- 30 mins

First thing, make a pattern, or use mine. Just copy and change the image size to 10x6.

Next we cut out two of these and mark where the elastic band will need to be. ( Make sure you mark on the wrong side of the fabric). Place your two masks right sides together with the elastic sandwiched in between. Like so:

Be sure that your elastic is laying flat. A twist in it will ruin your mask! Now, simply pin all the way around. Starting at the nose, stitch around your mask leaving and opening to turn it right side out. I did mine by hand, but the machine will work even better. Once we've turned the mask right side all that's left is to stitch up the opening. I made these once before and put dried herbs inside to promote relaxation. You can also stuff them with some batting or add a layer before you stitch the sides together.
Not bad, right? Simple, thoughtful and homemade. What more could you want in a gift? Now I've got to start brainstorming on the other five gifts! Feel free to share your ideas for last minute handmade goodies!

Happy Crafting,


  1. Hi Margo, so glad you're back! I missed you!! Hope you are better now!!
    Great tutorial!!

  2. the mask looks great, i love the fabric you used! would make a great gift with some lavendar sachets or sprays or something....