Tuesday, January 4, 2011

T-shirt Scarf Tutorial

My Readers,
Time for a super easy tutorial. I'm giving away one of my secrets so get ready! This is a simple jersey scarf made from a plain t-shirt. I get mine for $1-$2 at the thrift store. That is all this craft will cost you!
Here's what you need: an old men/women's XL t-shirt (XXL works too), scissors, and a flat space to work. Easy, right?

Step 1. Lay the shirt flat and line up the hem. Now cut straight across (or as close to straight as you can) from one armpit to the other. Cut the hem off too. Now toss the rest or save it for a future project.

Step 2. Fold your tube of fabric almost in half. I leave approximately 2-3 inches at the top. This next part you can mark where you'll be cutting first, or just go for it like I do. Along the fold cut snips every inch all the way across. They don't have to be exact.

Step 3. Now using those snips we made, cut all the way to the end. Be sure to leave the 2-3 inches uncut! Looking at the picture will help explain.

Step 4. We now have long loops that are all attached at one end. Let's make them longer! Grab one loop and holding the uncut edge in the other hand, streeeeeetch. Your fabric should curl and stretch. Continue with all of the loops.

Step 5. Last step. Take up the hem that you cut off the t-shirt. Snip off a 6 inch length. Now, I want you to gather up your fabric at the seam (where all the loops meet). Bind up this edge with our length off the hem. See picture :)

Now loop it around your neck and you've got a very stylish, very thrifty scarf! What do you think? So easy! There are multiple ways to wear these. I like to loop half of it twice, or tie the whole length in a knot. My friend says I need to make instructions on the various ways to wear it!
I've got another version of this scarf in the works and will add it soon. I hope you like this tutorial and have fun making some scarves of your own. Don't feel like making one? Buy one from me at my website!

Be Kind: Rewind,


  1. That's really interesting! Stopping by from We Did it Wednesday. rachel-thelifeofriley.blogspot.com

  2. I actually recently saw another tutorial on t-shirt scarves and thought it was really interesting. However, she created long fringe with hers and tied beads on the end. I think I like this version a lot better and will have to try it on some of my old t-shirts :)

  3. I absolutely love this!! I have seen these before, but I didn't know they were all attached at the end by leaving some of the scarf uncut. Thanks so much!


  4. That looks super easy! Thanks! Now finding a spare t-shirt....

  5. What a great idea. I think I have a pile of old t-shirts in a bag somewhere that were waiting to go to a thrift store that may just have to be rescued, hehe!

  6. Very fun! I used a VBS shirt that was sky blue. Much more trendy now and took me very little time. Thanks!

  7. oh my gosh i love your tutorial! I have my own blog where I do tons of tutorials like this and its called www.pinterestedd.blogspot.com Check it out! I can't wait to try this.

  8. Love this! All things old are new again :) Judith - www.paintedroostercollectibles.com